Welcome All Hot Dog Vendors

This is the first blog of many to come.  If you are a hot dog vendor or are just starting to think about it, this is a great place to come for guidance, tips, information, stories and many, many links that you may find of value. Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions. Advertisements

Hot Dog Cart – Buyer Beware!

Today I received a phone call from a gentleman that purchased a cart from a manufacturer online.  He states that he read carefully through their website and even gotten it pre-approved. After receiving the cart he had the health inspector come inspect.  IT FAILED!!! WHY?  The website states ( and I have reviewed) that the … Continue reading

Just the Beginning of a SUCCESS STORY!

Hi there Ben. Happy 4th of July to you and your family. Thanks for the letter.   In the 30 days since receiving my cart, I have still not sold a hotdog yet. That does not mean I have been sitting on my hands, as there is much to do.   There are some time … Continue reading

Never Give UP!

I just received this email from a gentleman out of Georgia.  Many would cave in and give up when faced with obstacles involving government regulations.  However, once in awhile, a great person comes along, challenges the status quo and paves the way for the rest of us. A huge thank you and encouragement is due … Continue reading

Catering With Your Cart

One of the most asked questions involves catering.  How much do I charge to cater?  The following is an excerpt from the book/course “hot dogs saved my life” available online for less than $10.00 excerpt from Chapter 9: Catering benefits include having a set time for the job and usually a set price, which means … Continue reading

One Success to Another!

Once his life revolved around the music industry, Rap specifically.  If you are my age then you have probably sang along to the song: Bang to the Boogie.  A hit in 1995 and available for download on iTunes now. Rap star El Demonio has performed with some of the biggest names in the business and … Continue reading

The long awaited cart set up video… finally!

It’s here, a short and sweet video giving the details on cart operations.  Hope this helps!

First time dogger – First time out – HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Unlike many of us, forced into this new venture of selling hot dogs, Michael K. sold his successful business and began his hot dog vending company to enjoy more free time.  He purchased a Big Dog and anxiously awaited the end to cold weather so that he could get his feet wet in his new … Continue reading

It’s hard and I ain’t making no money…

My worst day ever, on the side of a busy hi-way I did $162 in 4.5 hours, including set up. Location is crucial and this is why I moved from that location and found the factory. As I added more carts I found that auto parts stores, discount stores and industrial parks did great. Some … Continue reading

Cart Giveaway!

That’s right Ben’s Carts is giving away a brand new hot dog cart.  No catches, no gimmicks!  To register go: Register to Win Winner gets to choose from a Cash Cow or Lil’ Dog Cart.   You will receive an email later with details once you register to WIN! Also check out:  Hot Dogs Saved My … Continue reading