A Critique of My Course/Book; "hot dogs saved my life"

After someone purchases the course; “hot dogs saved my life from http://www.BensCarts.com, they are sent a letter days later about sharing their thoughts on the course.  I do this not to feed my unquenchable ego, but to improve on my teaching skills. I often receive a kind note, praising the content but I have also … Continue reading

Mind your QR – Quick Response Code

Sounds weird, why is this on a blog about hot dog vending?   QR has become more and more popular.  Ever since some smarty pants over at a subsidiary of Toyota invented the code – the more popular it has become. What is it?  It’s this!  Looks like a puzzle huh?  Well it’s actually code … Continue reading

I interview a legend.

2 years ago I interviewed Mustards Last Stand owner.  Well ok, it wasn’t his last stand, he has 3 or 4 now.  It has some good info and may inspire you.   If you have any questions, please let me know.  http://www.benscarts.com/contact

Understanding Steam Pans, Sizes and Setup

CHAPTER 17 Pan set upExcerpt from Ben’s Course Book:  “hot dogs saved my life” Are you confused? When I first started in the business, I was very confused on the pans, the types, the sizes, etc. It really sounded overwhelming. I am going to give you the hillbilly class on pans, and it will all … Continue reading

Take credit cards EZ! This has won several innovative idea awards.

This is incredible. Very easy to set up, no equipment to buy. What a deal! Have you ever needed to accept payment from someone on the go. This will do the trick, no fancy account setups. It’s PayPal for nice people. Just kidding, but really, I don’t like PayPal. Let me know if you try … Continue reading