First day out… letter

This letter was sent today from Cory!  Great looking set up!Hey Ben, Just wanted to send the attached picture along to you. My first job! I purchased the Cash Cow and man is it awesome! I love it! I set up over this past weekend and everything went smoothly. The cart did great and it … Continue reading

Live Training or Brand New Video Training!

Yes, I am excited also. Sabrina Rife with Dogs for Dollars (one of my customers) has just announced her brand new website featuring: Live Training Video Training Live one on one mentoring First I have to tell you a little about Sabrina. She purchased a cart and faced some major challenges. Her city was strict … Continue reading

To grill or not to grill – OR: Steam or boil?

I am asked quite frequently about grilling dogs. It’s a great question. I think if you could ask 100 different vendors their opinion on grilling, boiling or steaming you would find that boiling is most preferred. I will expand on this to help you decide your method of attack. Steaming: This is the process of … Continue reading

Off to a great start, new dogger braving the cold.

Ben, Just to let you know I officially started my Dog busine ss on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. November 26th 2010. The weather is cold but the dogs are hot. (The hot/cold flexible gel paks not only work good cold for the condiments but also when placed on a steam pan lid for … Continue reading

Hot Potato, this is kick’n

You have to be in a market that loves potatoes, but if so, this is just great. I love it, my wife, a Tennessee born and bred girl, believes you should have some form of potato with every meal, so if you get this cart, I know she would be a faithful customer. Here is … Continue reading

Need a cart? Low on funds? Here’s some tips!

If you haven’t watched my video yet and heard how bad off I was when I started in the hot dog business, here’s the link: Free Training If you are in a bad way right now or you can see the writing on the wall and want to get into the hot dog vending business, … Continue reading

Hot Dog Carts…Everywhere!

I take calls daily from customers and fellow doggers and those considering joining the ranks of the hot dog vendors. Every now and then someone asks or voices concern that there may be too many people already doing this business. As I have previously vlog’d about on YouTube channel “BensCarts”, have no fear, it’s the … Continue reading

Hot Dogs saved my life!

It was 3 years ago, I lost everything. After buying a hot dog cart and digging my way out of the hole I was in, I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The light was hot dog carts. Within 7 weeks, I owned 2 more carts and had paid for them … Continue reading